Version 2.0.0

Version 2.0.0 of Max Massacre is out.

It doesn't add any new story content, but it does include a lot of technical changes including:

  • complete overhaul of the GUI to work better across different screen sizes and resolutions
  • improved controller and touch support
  • improved menu navigation
  • added new settings, including text size, text color, textbox opacity, 1280x800 resolution (Steam Deck), and others
  • added auto and quick save/load categories and added more save slots
  • added screens which were absent from the previous build

Please note that this new build will not recognize saved files from previous versions.

This is intentional as a lot has changed and old saves will likely not work as intended.


Android 72 MB
Jun 26, 2023
Windows 74 MB
Version 5 Jun 26, 2023
Linux (x86, ARM) 83 MB
Version 5 Jun 26, 2023
MacOS 57 MB
Version 5 Jun 26, 2023

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