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I remember reading a while ago that you said you planed to do romantic routes for Meara, Eris and other characters after you are done with those two and I was wondering if there are any news on those? Do you still plan on making them?


They won't necessarily be romantic routes, but there is indeed more content coming.

Eris/Raphael's route will be added to the main game, whereas Meara will be one of the routes in Sable's Grimoire 2 instead.

There's a rough timeline of when I expect things to be done here:

Thanks for fast replay! I am supper glad to hear that everything is still coming!

I loved Sable's Grimoire an my only complaint was that some endings didn't feel like they told everything, that there should be more to them witch was nullified when I read that more content is coming out.

I don't follow you on steam so I missed that post and got a bit worried about luck of any news on them, but I am supper glad to hear everything is still in the making, especially for Meara's route (She was my favorite of characters that still don't have a route of their own) and sequels for other heroines.

Also you have my respect for continuing to make sequels despite sales not quite justifying them!

I'll try to keep the forum/devlog feature here in mind for important posts and announcements. Steam is where most of the players are, so I often post things there and don't think to repeat them here.

Anyway, everything's still coming along. Not much to report except that it's still on track and being worked on regularly.

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Thank you 

I've been reading all of your novel and l always appreciate all the works that you always show all the hard work that all of you put into. It always brings excitement, joy and sadness from to readers. And am thankful and grateful from it. 

Thanks you Zetsubou for all the hard work that you put into it 

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There should be. From the dev's twitter: "Android builds and availability on other stores coming soon."


Android build is now live.

Thank you😁!!!


I hope its free too


Omg, this is awesome! Hope it's free but if not, please post a demo version. 🙏