Version 1.01

This is mostly a maintenance release, though it does contain some new screens and artwork.

Changes in this build include:

  • new character bio and glossary screens
  • game engine updated to Renpy 7.5.3
  • updated disclaimer screen (no more white text on an empty black background)
  • cafeteria music track has been improved
  • dead links removed from credits page
  • improved keyboard/controller support in several places
  • Android build now targets the latest version of Android
  • Added support for ARM Linux


Android 314 MB
Oct 02, 2022
Windows 313 MB
Version 5 Oct 02, 2022
Linux (x86, ARM) 322 MB
Version 6 Oct 02, 2022
MacOS 296 MB
Version 5 Oct 02, 2022

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