Keyboard/Controller & performance improvements

A new build of Tomboys Need Love Too has just been released with the following improvements:

-Improved keyboard/controller support. TNLT already supported gameplay without a mouse for the most part, but there were a couple of screens (mostly the preferences screen) which didn't play well with controllers. With this update, TNLT should be just as easy to play with a controller as it is with a keyboard and mouse.

-Improved performance. The underlying engine TNLT runs on (Renpy) recently received an update focused on improving performance. While most VNs have very low system requirements, TNLT is natively 1440p, so there may be slight delays on older or low-power hardware. This update should improve performance somewhat for those players.

Please note that this update doesn't include any new game content; it is purely about technical improvements. So if you have already downloaded TNLT and haven't encountered any problems with in-game navigation or performance, there isn't much point in downloading the new version.

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Feb 24, 2018

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