Version 1.2.1 released

Version 1.2.1 is a minor bugfix release which incorporates the following change:

  • Fix for a bug where if you quit the game from the main menu (as opposed to quitting while in-game) the next time you started the game it would try to load a non-existent save file

This is also the first build of Humanity Must Perish to add a Snap version of the game for Linux users. Unfortunately the uploader automatically zips the Snap version (and the Android version), so you'll need to extract it first. Or you can try it out on the Snap Store.


Windows 60 MB
Version 6 May 21, 2022
Humanity Must Perish (Android) 58 MB
Version 2 May 21, 2022
Linux (x86, ARM) 70 MB
Version 6 May 21, 2022
Humanity Must Perish (Linux, Snap) 49 MB
Version 1 May 21, 2022
MacOS 43 MB
Version 6 May 21, 2022

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