Version 1.08 (Eris's route)

This update wound up being bigger than intended. TL;DR: it contains Eris's route and a new ending for Eth/Rei's route.

Eris's route is a bit less focused on her than some other routes are on their heroines. However, Eris's route is roughly twice as long as the others, so it should even out.

What's new?

  • Eris's route
  • Another ending for Eth/Rei
  • 4 CGs
  • 4 music tracks
  • 5 backgrounds
  • 2 character sprites
  • 3 achievements
  • 3 endings
  • 4 checkpoints on the route map

What's changed?

  • Removed a dead link from the credits page
  • Updated sprite sizes and positioning, so characters actually appear to have different heights now
  • Fixed a bug with NVL mode scrollback
  • Typo fixes
  • Changed where the route map checkpoint at the start of Eth/Rei's route takes you
  • Recoded remaining sprites to use the game engine's newer format. This is a change which was started in v1.06 and should help to speed things up. Particularly when loading checkpoints on the route map.
  • Updated classroom music track. Some players noticed a "popping" sound at one part of the track. The updated version shouldn't have that.

What's broken?

  • If you load a save game from version 1.07 or earlier, and there were character sprites on the screen, they will initially be sized/positioned incorrectly. This is due to the character size and positioning changes made in this version. They will fix themselves as soon as the character is moved or shown/hidden.

If you find any inconsistencies or problems with the new route (other than the bug mentioned above), or the game in general, please report them so I can fix it up.

What about consoles?

This update is currently in the process of being ported by Gamuzumi (who publish the console release of Sable's Grimoire), after which the new build will need to be approved by the respective consoles.

What's next?

This is the second last content update for the base Sable's Grimoire game. Info on further updates/installments can be found here:

Be aware that the above post, and the thread in general, contain spoilers. So if you haven't already finished playing Sable's Grimoire, you might want to hold off on visiting that thread.


Full Game (Linux x86, ARM) 427 MB
Version 15 Aug 22, 2021
Full Game (MacOS) 400 MB
Version 15 Aug 22, 2021
Full Game (Windows) 417 MB
Version 15 Aug 22, 2021
Sable's Grimoire (Android) 1.08.3 395 MB
Version 2 Aug 22, 2021

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Very good to see the game is evolving :-) and thank's for the new route :-) !!!!

and your game is very well done : story is interresting and each route is really different ). Interface of your game is also nice to use and take care successfully of common issue with VN

Good works :-)

Looks exciting! Wanted to replay, but just incanse I dont - I'm on mobile is there a way I can download new APK and keep saves?


The app package name is the same as before, so if you still have the game installed, installing the new APK should update the existing application and keep the save data.

If you've uninstalled the app, then I'm not sure if the old save data will still be there.

Worst case scenario, if you don't have the old save data, you could enable skipping of "All Text" in preferences and just skip until you hit the new route.