Version 1.08.3

Another little bug fix update. Fixes:

  • A typo in Eth/Rei's route
  • An instance of Sable's side sprite not showing at full size
  • Two instances of Drakan's side sprite showing incorrectly


Full Game (Windows) 417 MB
Version 18 Sep 05, 2021
Full Game (MacOS) 400 MB
Version 18 Sep 05, 2021
Full Game (Linux x86, ARM) 427 MB
Version 18 Sep 05, 2021
Sable's Grimoire (Android) 1.08.3 395 MB
Version 5 Sep 05, 2021

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Hello, how do I get this update on jast?

Which version are you currently on? If it's 1.08 or higher I could make a patch file.

I've provided a few updates to JAST recently, but I haven't heard anything back from them, so I'm not sure if they've actually made the new builds live. If they're still on 1.07 then I'll need to chase them up.

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Yes, the last version I downloaded there was 1.07 today, and there are no game patches to be found there in their support tab. Is there any way for you to verify that in fact I have an account with the game at jast? if there is, you could send me a discount code for steam and I'd send you a few bucks there.

I'll try getting into contact with JAST again and see if they can make the new builds live and/or verify your purchase (I don't have access to that information).

Alright, I've heard back from JAST. They'll be putting the update up in the coming week.

Apparently they've been having technical issues since the new website recently went up, so some things have been delayed.

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Thank you for the quick response, it's much appreciated.