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Sable's Grimoire tells the story of an aspiring magic researcher who begins to attend an academy filled with demi-humans.

When Sable is accepted into Amadronia Magic Academy, a prestigious academy famous for its resources and curriculum, he believes that he has crossed an important milestone in his life.

As an aspiring magic researcher, not to mention one of the few pure-blooded human beings capable of using magic, Sable has high hopes for his time at Amadronia. His dream of becoming a world-renowned magic researcher is finally within his grasp, and with the assistance of the much-lauded teaching staff at Amadronia, he is sure that the next few years of his life will be as productive as they are enlightening.

Unfortunately for Sable, his first day at Amadronia quickly proves to him that this will not be the case.

Arrogant elves, a ravenous rokurokubi, a poison-tongued mandragora, a pyromaniac dragon, unenthusiastic teachers - Amadronia is nothing like Sable envisioned. The students in his class are unruly, his "teacher" has no interest in teaching, the principal willfully breaks academy rules, and it seems like everywhere he turns, Sable finds one more reason to doubt Amadronia's proud legacy.

Will Sable manage to survive at this clearly dysfunctional academy? Or will he, like so many others, leave Amadronia feeling utterly disillusioned?



Buy Now$15.00 USD or more

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I just, after a long time ignoring it played Joanne's route. It's uncomfortable. For the most part I was lamenting it didn't get a sequel like Drakan and Lisha's route but at the end it's just such an awkward transphobic allegory I'm not sure what to make of it. In the "good end" she's enslaved and in the "bad end" she's allowed to make her own choices regarding her identity? Then the main character repeatedly and very specifically deadnames her?

Indeed, it is uncomfortable. It's supposed to be.

Jorou is self-harming, overworking and starving herself, and lashing out at others. The people close to her don't know what's going on with her, let alone how to help her.

Medication, counseling, and monitoring her condition? ("enslaved" as you put it)

Or to ignore her violent outburst and self-harm and just act like nothing happened?

They don't know the right answer. It's not a situation Sable or any of the main cast are equipped to deal with, nor do they grasp the depth of why she's acting this way.

I should point out that there is a third ending for Jorou. It was added in version 1.04.

It doesn't conclude the matter of her self identity, however. It's only in the Joanne ending that Sable really learns about that.

The third ending sets up the transition into Sable's Grimoire 2. That's where Jorou's route will continue (rather than as a separate game like for Lisha and Drakan) and her self-image will come up as part of her route, rather than just as an ending.

I don't think it's only uncomfortable for the reason it's supposed to be uncomfortable. Joanne's endings are weirdly and specifically transphobic. I hadn't originally wanted to see the ending in which Joanne was confined to the asylum but for completeness I did so and was surprised to find it was also transphobic for really no good reason.

Within a very short time-frame, in a very small number of words in Joanne's endings we see her deadnamed, erroneous references to "mutilation" and outmoded references to transvesticism. If it's all coincedence it's still weird to see so much hit so fast. 

In the "good" ending she's left in the care of Sable and Amadronia but from the "bad" endings we can see neither one of them respects her, has her best interests at heart or cares about her well-being. On its own that's a really interesting story hook but in context of the weirdly specific transphobic allegory it's awkward to say the least.

I feel like you're conflating the Joanne ending with the rest of her route and forgetting that the characters don't have the same insight into her situation that you now do.

It's easy to complete the Joanne ending and say "ah, so that's what she wants" and to look back over the rest of her route with that insight. But the characters in the game don't have that leisure. They don't know that she wants to become human; only that she keeps harming and denigrating herself. They don't link her self-harm with her not feeling comfortable in her own body; they only see self-destructive behavior.

Take the other ending, for instance. She isn't being confined because she wants to become someone else, or to stop her from undergoing such a transformation. She's confined because she's repeatedly self-harmed, and has now started physically hurting the people around her.

As for the Joanne ending, I understand your concerns with Sable's reaction, but I think it speaks more to his shock than anything. He hasn't seen her in months, now she's suddenly lost her demi-human aspects and taken on a new name. His inability to immediately adapt to her new name and appearance is unfortunate, but I don't see it as transphobic.

If that ending lasted a bit longer, then he might have gotten used to calling her by her new name. After having a chance to sit down and talk with her about her transformation, he might be able to accept that this is what she wants, and that what he called mutilation is actually something far more positive for her. Of course, the game ends before they have such a chance, so all we see is his initial failure to cope with this sudden change.

Anyway, if you view Sable's reaction in the Joanne ending as transphobic, then I can at least understand why. But I don't see how you can apply that to the rest of her route or the other endings. Their desire is to stop their self-harming friend, who's been overworking herself, not sleeping or eating properly, and violently attacked someone, from spiraling out of control any further.

I'm trying to inform my reading of the end where Joanne gets stuck in Amadronia by what I've seen in the other endings so conflating them is certainly a risk. When I saw the ending in which Joanne stays in Amadronia under Sable's guidance it reads quite well. Joanne appears to be suffering an analogue of trauma induced body dysmorphia. With the information he has it's perfectly reasonable for Sable to assume this is in her best interests, even if Amadronia is far from an ideal environment there really isn't a suitable facility for her or any of the demihumans still locked in the asylum. The problems only arise when we see what Sable does when he realises what he wants and what Joanne wants are in conflict.

The idea that Sable is shocked and reacts poorly tracks very well with his character. He's a shut-in with a slightly problematic fixation on demi-humans. If the story hadn't stopped there I'd probably assume he would eventually learn his lesson and apologise. Since it does cut there the place where it cuts has additional significance and since it's a bad end it seems we're to assume the current situation is extremely bad. The current situation is Joanne is genuinely happy for the first time we've seen her, she's comfortable, she's stopped self-harming. The implication is that this is bad because Sable believes she should be forced to live as her birth species and he specifically uses transphobic language to dismiss her. Since he's the one unhappy with the current situation and this is a bad end it feels like we're supposed to agree with Sable here. 

If that's a bad reading then the implications on the main ending are substantially different. Amadronia is still a terrible environment for Joanne, Sable is still hopelessly out of his depth. But if he is prepared to put her needs above his own after all then the ending is bittersweet rather than pure grimdark.

That sounds reasonable to me. I hope that the continuation of Jorou's route in SG2 sheds a better light on all of this. The Joanne ending is obviously too brief to cover the breadth of the issues involved here, and doesn't do either character the courtesy of a proper discussion. SG2 is still a long way off, but I'll keep this conversation in mind for when it does reach that stage of development.

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Will there be a sequel to Tix route too? I actually liked her as character the most so I hope for a sequel to the story of Sable and Tix.

Not a direct sequel like Drakan and Lisha. Tix's route would continue into Sable's Grimoire 2.

Sounds good I really love her character design. When will there be the first version of Sable's Grimoire 2 released? And one more question will it be a direct sequel to Sable's Grimoire with Drakan's and Lisha's sequel storys included or will it be a seperate game to these two?

Anyway hope you have a nice day and I just wanted to say your game is really great! ^^

Thanks Kain! I'm glad you enjoyed it.

It's still going to be a few years yet before SG2 is done. You can find a lot more information on future plans here: https://steamcommunity.com/app/717850/discussions/0/1743392703799623229/

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I tried going for more routes but I could never reject Drakan.

Just ended to read Drakan's route.  I was realy worried about MC in every danger situation and experienced his adventures by myself. Reading this was so addictive that once I spent all night in it. I was afraid of making bad choises and I'm glad that I hadn't.  Zetsubou, thank you!!!  I love this game! Now I'm going to try another routes. 

P. S. Sorry for possible mistakes in this comment. I'm not very good in english.

Call me a horny idiot, but does this game have any NSFW content? If so, is it uncensored?

Not really. There are a couple of CGs with slight nudity, but nothing explicit or sexual.

The sequels (Man And Elf, A Dragon's Treasure) each have a sex scene though.


One of my top favorite Visual Novels and it has Monster girls/Demihuman girls. Wish this game would get more recognition then it is getting to help support it, especially for future updates. So far I know there will be extensions for Drake and Lisha, no surprise there. Hope to see others as well, but for now those are enough.

I must say that I enjoyed the personalities of the Characters, however they seemed to resemble often used archetypes, but I loved it all the same.  Keep up the good work.

it's a really good VN, and i loved Drakan story. It was really touching.  (I was hoping for a "kiss" but the ending was perfect even without that.)

With Steam recently accepting games with 18+ content, perhaps we can now get some more uncensored content. Regardless, I really enjoyed this one. Thanks! :)

My favourite VN ever!!!

But I REAAAAAAAAAALLY want a route for Eris. It seems like the setting is perfect for a long and interesting storyline around her (maybe continue after the point where you can "defend" her.)  And she's best girl btw ;)

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Edit: This review ended up being much longer than I thought haha.

Wow. I was completely blown away by this game. Absolutely amazing! I love all the characters and how they were written. This is a school/magic VN done right. 

The main character is the type I like best. One who is disadvantaged compared to the other characters but is by no means weak. He's a human so compared to demi-humans, his magic reserves are low, but he's a smart cookie so he makes up for it. I like how the author has balanced his personality with being realistic and heroic (obviously depending on your choices) and he has some great sarcastic lines. I guess as a fellow shut-in, I just relate to him?

The novel starts off very light-hearted and comedy-centric but as the plot thickens, there is a very serious tone being followed about relationships and how they can be broken due to misconceptions or prejudice. Sometimes you take a break from this due to comedy but it is very well paced in my opinion. 

The length of the story and the routes are very good for its price and is actually superior to some other VNs I've read. The art quality is amazing. Absolutely LOVE all 44 of the CGs. My favourite one is not only the last one I unlocked, but also the funniest one in my opinion. It's CG #10 - What You Wish For. If you're still on the fence about getting this game. Just do it for this one particular CG - you'll laugh your butt off.

All of the routes were well written and there some very thought provoking statements being said here that caught me off guard sometimes. My favourite for romance would be Drakan's with Lisha's coming in close second. As for comedy, it's definitely the Eth/Rei route. Can't tell much coz spoilers but wow. There are 3 people that I was expecting to get a route (Tix, Hel and Eris) but I am soooo glad Zetsubou did not give in and twist events to give them routes because it would have been very awkward given the situations in the game. That said, I would have also liked to see where he could have taken them if they became romantic interests but oh well. You can't have everything.

I'm just gonna have this paragraph here solely ranting about Jorou's route. Jorou's the one that really shocked me, I DID NOT expect anything like this. It was amazing in a dark way and that just makes it more memorable. *Minor spoiler* I am still not sure which one of her endings is meant to be the happy/good one and which one is the bad one. It is that complicated.

There are still a few minor issues with the novel but nothing game-breaking. For example, there are times when a character's portrait briefly flashes in the dialogue box when it's transitioning. 

Zetsubou, if you're reading this, I really hope you make a Part 2 with these characters. There's still so much you could write about! I know I already typed about how the length of this is good, but I need MOAR.

In short, I love this game to bits and whoever's reading this should either have already bought the game or is now on their way to the Buy Now button above.

Thanks for reading!


Oh, I'm reading this. And there will be more ;)

I'm still mulling over a few possibilities, some of which are discussed here: https://steamcommunity.com/app/717850/discussions/0/1697174779853208464/

TL;DR: I'm working on a couple of new endings, there will probably be a Tix route, and for anything beyond that it's too soon to tell.

Do you remember any specific instances when the portrait flashed? It's a minor thing, but I'll fix it if I can.

Hmmm... There were a couple of instances, but the ones I remember semi-clearly were Rei's shouting face showing in the scenes where you first discover the underground facilities and Nidhogg's face near the end of the Drakan route. I think Lisha also had some moments but can't remember where in her route.

As for the ideas in the Steam discussion, I'm basically with everyone else in that Drakan and Lisha are the most viable options for any extension. This makes it even harder for a Tix route to show though because the Hunt route would have to be the canon one. Unless Sable was passing through pixie territory during a Hunt, having them meet is kinda hard and exactly the type of oh-so-convenient situation that I dislike. (Not hate per se, I wouldn't be too against it, but... yeah). As for Rei, I see no possible future. At all. Eth is almost as bad, but isn't a hopeless cause, but I don't see any action situations happening there. Sad because they made me laugh the most, but at least I still get to see them in the second year right? Right? Jorou... nah. That's gonna have to happen waaayyyyy past Sable's second year at Amadronia so she's not plausible either. Wow it's so hard to type this almost spoiler-free.

I also agree with waiting a year to see what happens first, but if/when you DO end up crowdfunding, I'll back it immediately. Assuming I get notified about it somehow lol. Best of luck to ya Zetsubou.

I bought this game on JastUSA but hot damn, this game is good for the price. The amount of story and choice, you dont even see this much in some of those 35$ VN's. Really good job developers.

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It does. 50 decisions (each with 2 or 3 choices), though most choices only affect dialogue. There are 13 different endings based on the choices you make.

Looks promising.