Update 1.04 - New ending for Jorou

An additional (happier) ending has now been added to Jorou's route. This update includes a new CG and an additional choice earlier in her route.

If you've already played Jorou's route, you can go to the Route Map and jump to the last checkpoint before her other endings, then skip the previously read text until you reach the new choice. From there it should be obvious how to reach the new ending.

With Jorou's new ending done, I've started working on a new character route. In other words, Tix will be getting a route.

A new route takes a lot more time and effort than a new ending, and I'll be working on other games at the same time, so don't hold your breath waiting for this next update.

Tix's route has been outlined and the writing has started, but it's still a long way off completion. So for now the release date is "hopefully this year".


Sable's Grimoire (Windows) 1.06 319 MB
Version 1.04 Jul 13, 2018
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Version 1.04 Jul 13, 2018
Sable's Grimoire (Linux) 1.06 322 MB
Version 1.04 Jul 13, 2018

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Awwww. This ending was very nice. "Happier" being the core word, it's definitely better than the other two endings but not sickly sweet and definitely still shows that she still has stuff to go through. Nice job with it Mr. Zetsubou :). Still have fingers crossed for an Eris route haha (she seems a lot more vulnerable than she lets on) but I'm happy that you're working on a Tix route as well.

Yeah, Jorou could never have a super happy ending, with everything somehow working itself out and the past few years just vanishing into thin air. I think this is about the happiest her route could have reasonably ended.

Tix is the next route, since she was the most requested, and that'll still take a few months yet. But after that is undecided, so Eris might end up getting some more screen time in the future.